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Wrought Iron Door (ID03)

Wrought Iron Door (ID03)

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Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel, polyurethane-filled for energy efficiency. E glass, tempered, sealed, and weatherstripped to prevent leakage. Glass panels can be opened independently from the doors. Door thresholds prevent water infiltration. All doors use barrel hinges, and double doors include a pre-insulated flush bolt system. We can make any design hurricane resistant. 

 This door is eligible for flat rate shipping at check out.

Due to the weight of these doors (800lbs-1,000lbs) we are unable to provide free shipping.  Instead we have worked with our carrier and are able to offer three flat rates.  West Coast $700, Mountain and Midwest $1,000, and East Coast $1,200.  

Total Dimensions:

61 1/4" x 81" x 6"

61 1/4" x 97" x 6"

73 1/4" x 81" x 6"

73 1/4" x 97" x 6"


Please note, handles sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality and finish

My husband was a carpenter for 10 years then he retired, we have been facinated with support and customer service recieved by Jose since we did not quite knew what we wanted but he was very helpful along the way!!!

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Will this fit my front door?

These locks have been specially manufactured to fit the standard size of any door in the US

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